In The Beginning…

“What do you want to do when we’re in Australia?” I asked my girlfriend at the time.  Characteristically, Susan replied, “I dunno.”  She is notoriously unhelpful in expressing strong opinions about much (except Humvees- ask her if you ever meet her).  Tasmania, where we would spend 2 of our 3 weeks Down Under, has, among incredible scenery, terrific people, and a remote location, glorious waterfalls and wineries.  “How about waterfalls and wineries?”  “Perfect.”WilmotWinery

Tasmania, at the time, was home to dozens of wineries, mostly small operations.  Tasmania also has a bounty of beautiful waterfalls, most of them with relatively short hikes from a car park.  Susan and I rented a car and drove from waterfall to winery to waterfall to winery to… and continued around the island being led by this premise.  So alcohol tourism for us was born.

Susan and I enjoy travelling in the US as well as outside of it.  Colorado is a beautiful state, and one where I had spent some time.  For our first in-US trip, it became our destination.  The problem becomes: what do we do for the 5 days or so it will take to get there?  And, once there, obviously there’s beautiful hiking, but we don’t typically do touristy-type packages.  So, having been interested and involved in beer for some time, we decided to use brewpubs and breweries to guide our path from Georgia to Colorado and back again.  Some wineries and cider-making centers rounded out our trip, allowing us to hop from alcohol-destination to alcohol-destination, and providing purpose and structure to the entire trip.  Since this worked out brilliantly, we decided that alcohol tourism would be our preferred method of travel!

5 thoughts on “In The Beginning…

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    distinctive perception into this appealing and debatable subject matter!

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