WTF Dogfish Head?

Alcohol Tourism Dogfish Head SculptureThere wasn’t much on the path from Connecticut to Delaware.  We specifically went out of our way to hit Dogfish Head Brewery.  Two tolls over $13 each, crazy beach traffic on Memorial Day weekend, and interstate the whole way challenged us, but we persevered.  Susan loves the idea of Dogfish Head, and especially loves one of their beers, Namaste.  I have a hard time with Dogfish Head because, like Ben and Jerry’s, I don’t do well with individualistic descriptions in lieu of styles.  Their beers are very much hit and miss for me.

The brewery is tucked away behind a large new residential development, right across the street from some duplexes.  A terrific wrought iron treehouse sculpture highlighted the front area.  Numerous 20-somethings populated the front lawn, playing cornhole and bocce.  A free tour and up to four tastings was a great deal.

Dogfish Head takes great pride in their motto, “Off-centered ales for off-centered people.”  They use compostable cups and seem keen in sustainability.  They clearly seem oriented towards the hippies of the world.  Or, maybe, the hipsters.

We bellied up to the bar.  We obviously appreciate beer people talking beer with each other, but we do feel that should take back seat to actually serving beer.  The bar was busy, but we still waited a long time, due largely to the bartender talking beer with patrons who’d already been served.

As Susan was ordering our first flight, I went to check out the food situation at the food truck.  The website seems to imply there is a restaurant at the brewery, but the website is referring to their brewpub, not the production brewery.

I discovered the food truck serves bratwurst, and clam chowder with pork.  Oh, and pickles.  So, essentially, nothing a vegetarian could eat.  At a cool, edgy brewery apparently geared towards the fringe elements.  This was also at 2pm, with both of us looking forward to lunch.  No food for vegetarians or pescetarians at Dogfish Head.  WTF, Dogfish Head?

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