Favourite New England Alcohol Locales

Alcohol Tourism Vermont Pub

In case you are ever in the neighborhood, these are the locations we would recommend you visit without question:

Vermont Pub, Burlington, VT

Although they didn’t fill our non-Vermont-Pub growler, the food was quite good, the vibe was quiet and comfortable, and the beer was outstanding and served at the proper temperature.

Alcohol Tourism Otter Creek


Otter Creek Brewing, Middlebury VT

Another comfortable, quiet location.  Quite good food and interesting beers.  Not all of them were excellent, but the types of beers they had available were unique and worth trying.



Vermont Spirits Distilling, Hartford VT

Very pleasant host, impressively delicious spirits, and a free tasting (classy) make us huge fans.  A definite must.

Maine Mead Works, Portland ME

A free tasting of an impressive lineup, and probably the best mead we have ever tasted.  The tasting room can get a bit crowded, so go during down times.

Seadog Brewing, Topsham MEAlcohol Tourism Seadog Brewing

We were there during a quiet, down time, so your experience may vary.  All the beers were to style, the flavours complex without being overwhelming, and they were all very drinkable.  We got a seat by the window overlooking the river, adding to the great ambience.

Run of the Mill Brewery, Saco ME

Another place we hit during a down time, it has a nice pub feel.  The food was outstanding, the view spectacular, and the beer very much to style and British.  We could have had a pint of any of them.

Roanoke Railhouse Brewing, Roanoke VA

Although not in New England, the beer here was flavorful and clean and interesting and very much to style.  We wish we could have taken away a six pack of each of their beers.  No food available nearby, though, so eat before you come.

These are the highlights- we enjoyed so many locations on this trip.  You can see them all on our Google map of the journey here.

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