Least Favourite New England Locales

We try not to be negative, but we do have opinions which we like to share.  We won’t say you shouldn’t visit these locations (well, except McNeills- it was horrible), just that we didn’t enjoy them as much as we had hoped we would.

Magic Hat Brewing, South Burlington VTMagic Hat Alcohol Tourism

Their hop-centered lineup was disappointing but unsurprising.  They did offer free tastings, which was nice.  The space was primarily a retail space, and their edginess we liked but it was a bit overblown.

Long Trail Brewing, Bridgewater Corners VT

This was a recommendation of a friend, so we had big expectations.  The beer was all hop-balanced and not to style.  The scenery was amazing- right on the river on an outdoor deck- and the food was fantastic.

McNeill’s Brewing, Brattleboro VT

Live Irish music, a cozy Irish pub, what’s not to like?  The service and beer were both atrocious, and we expect this business is not long for this world.

Rising Tide Brewing & Bunker Brewing, Portland ME

We’ve talked about these elsewhere– the beer is just not good and the ambiance was very uncomfortable.

Maine Beer Alcohol TourismMaine Beer Company, Freeport ME

Although contemporary, this place had a chill atmosphere we appreciated.  The ‘clever’ names they had for their beers made it difficult to order and determine the style.  Everything was over-hopped for the style, and only the stout was even drinkable.

Foothills Brewing, Winston-Salem NC

The only place on our trip that charged a splitting fee.  Sharing meals is how we can afford these trips, so this was a major strike against.  Also, the beer wasn’t good- everything was too extreme in one direction or the other.

I’m sure there are many who would disagree with us, especially about Magic Hat and the Rising Tide/Bunker Brewing vibe.  That’s perfectly fine.  But we do encourage you to check out our favourite New England trip locales for a more likely positive experience.

Susan Notes Alcohol Tourism

Susan keeps all the notes about the drinks, food, and setting on our journeys.

4 thoughts on “Least Favourite New England Locales

    1. AlcoholTourism Post author

      I’m sure there’s a disconnect between the server, who really isn’t affected if the business doesn’t do well, so isn’t sensitive to customer perceptions (except as it may affect the tip) and the owner/management. We’ve only ever been asked about our notes at one or two places in all our years of alcohol tourism and note taking!

    1. AlcoholTourism Post author

      It may be different during other seasons, but May was leading in to summer, when everyone seems to convert their WHOLE LINEUP to hoppy beers. Where did you go on your last VT brew tour?


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