Revving Back Up

AlcoholTourismSantaFeSpiritsHello alcohol tourists!  We’re sorry we haven’t been as active lately as we would like to be.  We have been going on so many adventures ourselves, we haven’t been able to write as much.  We have been on our Arizona Adventure- working and traveling based in Phoenix. We’ve been to LA, Big Bear, Julian, all the major southwest sights like Zion and Bryce Canyon, Prescott, Tucson, Tombstone, the Grand Canyon and, of course, the Valley of the Sun.

We’ve also rediscovered a list of blog post ideas which we had thought we’d already written.  We’ve talked about them so much with each other and friends, we thought we had shared them with you!  In addition to reviews of the above destinations, we have posts planned on driving off the interstate, identifying alcohol tourism locales, and planning your first alcohol tourism adventure.

We hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy the tales of adventure, and we’d love to hear about some of your own!  Please share in the comments your thoughts and your own experiences, so we can all learn and grow together.

2 thoughts on “Revving Back Up

    1. AlcoholTourism Post author

      Definitely! Tombstone is a surprisingly neat tiny town as long as you avoid the touristy things. It’s easy to access Chiricahua National Monument- one of the coolest places we visited in AZ! As to the brewery, our review was: Fine beer with the English Mild a definite standout. Many barrel aged beers but the wood flavor does not come through well. Not a very quiet or cozy spot. 3/5.


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