How to Create a Quiet Venue

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We’ve talked before about how important volume is to our overall enjoyment and experience of an alcohol tourism destination.  Particularly if you are there with anyone other than yourself- you probably want to talk, right? Particularly for analytic tourists like us- we want to discuss the beer/wine/spirit, experience of the drink, and compare and contrast our perception of flavors  . Over the years, we have been in comfy quiet places, silent places, and obnoxiously loud places. Here is the key: background music.

In a silent venue, there is no background music.  The conversation of those around you fills the sound void, but occasionally that lulls.  It can sometimes feel awkward to talk in a silent venue. If the brewery/winery/distillery has a library theme, this is perfect.  Otherwise, it can be a bit stifling.

Obnoxiously loud venues have music so loud you have to scream to be heard.  Maybe not scream, but talk loudly, and you hear only about 50% of what the other people are saying.  This is always due to loud background music- they just don’t know how to use the volume knob on their sound system.  I have heard clubs will do this to _dis_courage discourse, thus causing you to buy more drinks. Fine. But in a setting where you want to _enjoy_ and savor your drink, this is unacceptable.

Comfy quiet places have well-moderated background music.  It is present, but you barely notice it. All voices have to speak loud enough to overcome the background music, so if it is genuinely BACKground, it doesn’t impede on the customer’s experience.

We believe good alcohol tourism destinations should have quiet, unobtrusive background music.  This keeps the conversation flowing more easily than in a silent venue, and is actually possible, in contrast to a loud venue.  It isn’t hard- just turn the dial down so that music is in the background. And maybe have someone who didn’t burn out their eardrums in their teens do this task.

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