Surprisingly Good Cities for Alcohol Tourism

Granite Dells overview

Granite Dells at Prescott is a sight not to be missed.

Everyone knows that Asheville, Portland (both of them), Sedona, and Seattle are amazing destinations for alcohol tourism.  However, we have found some cities which we quite enjoyed and we surprised that we did. We are going to share those with you all!


Roseville CA & Surrounding Cities

Roseville is a rather unassuming town northeast of the capital, Sacramento, which has an amazing beer scene.  This part of the state is rural but developing, and brewers and vintners have discovered and embraced the developing-rural idea.  Several farm-based breweries and wineries make a drive with a designated driver a pleasant necessity. The standout in this part of the state for us is unquestionably Mraz Brewing.  Amazing beer, terrific theme and decor, surprising location in a strip mall.


Urbana-Champaign IL

College towns often sport a lively alcohol tourism scene, but we found the one in Urbana-Champaign to be guided not much by the students, surprisingly sophisticated, and quite good.  One can walk to a couple breweries downtown, and a short drive to wineries and distilleries made this a surprisingly positive experience for us.


Columbia, SC

Some people may think you can’t walk the brewery route in Columbia, as there are no sidewalks.  Fortunately, the traffic in the area of the breweries is low, and there is verge on the side of the road which allows for safe walking.  A cluster of breweries in the industrial area and a good brewery downtown are all walkable to the dedicated responsible alcohol tourist.


Prescott, AZ

Undoubtedly the coolest, most scenic city on this list.  If you ever visit, the Granite Dells are almost unbelievably amazing to see.  Several breweries downtown, a meadery (Superstition- good but incredibly expensive), and several breweries in the outlying area make this a routine go-to destination for us.  Lonesome Valley Brewing is not to be missed- possibly the best in Arizona.


Little Rock, AR

This has to top the list because… Arkansas?  That can’t be right. But holy cow Little Rock delivers.  Relatively inexpensive in-town hotels provide access to almost a dozen good breweries, cideries, and distilleries.  Whenever we cross the country, we make it a point to visit Little Rock and suggest you do, too.

We thought about including other cities on this list that we like, such as Saskatoon, but decided these are really the best of the best.  Try them out and let us know what you think! Let us know if there are any we forgot or need to try on our next jaunt.

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