England is Amazing

Let’s talk about why England is freaking amazing.  Yes, I realize gas is expensive, and housing is expensive, there is rubbish and graffiti all over, traffic is mad, etc. etc.  No place is perfect, but I want to celebrate what we love about this place. Disclaimer: we’ve only spent time in the central business districts of London, Manchester, and Bristol.  So this may not be representative, but we have found some great trends that we love.

The beer.  Oh. My. God.  EVERY time I visit here, I forget, and am charmed all over again by how cheap the beer is!  I ordered my first half pint in Bristol and got charged one pound twenty! Including tax and tip!  It is literally unbelievable. Is it because there’s no sin tax? Because there’s a lot of competition?  Who knows, but we love the inexpensive beer. Also, it’s quite good beer. Relatively low ABV, which is deliberate. The idea is to spend hours in the pub (see below) without getting impossibly sloshed.

The fashion.  Goths and punks are still thriving subcultures in England, in sharp contrast to the U.S.  I saw a guy walking down the street with an honest-to-god Sherlock-Holmes-style pipe in his mouth.  I love it. I love that people look different and interesting and have their own style.

Pub life.  The fact that nearly every corner has a pub on it is amazing.  Some of them are local hole-in-the-wall spots where they look at you funny when you come in, some are uber-trendy, but most are just nice, cozy, quiet pubs.  What a great way to spend time with friends.Bristol Beer Factory Logo

Dense living. I’m sure the locals are less charmed by this, but within a short 30 minute walk, there are more things to do and places to go than you can shake a stick at.  While it is true of all cities to a certain extent, the cities we have visited in England take this to an even higher degree. Just so many things in a short walk in the CBD, more than in Amsterdam, Dublin, Sydney, San Francisco, and others.

The food.  I know everyone rags on British food, and we have no idea why.  Fish and chips? Savory pies? Roast tomatoes and mushrooms and eggs and brie cheese for breaky?  We love it all.

We just love visiting this country.  If you haven’t been, we can strongly recommend it.  What are things you like or don’t like about England?

Cary Grant Statue

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