Alcohol Tourism Bagpipes

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

How do you handle being thwarted?  Susan and I Do Not Like it when we have a set idea of how things will go and then are prevented from executing them.  While we do enjoy being lackadaisical with our planning, when we do have plans, we like to stick to them!

We were having a very nice visit to Prescott- one of our favorite destinations when we lived in Phoenix.  We had become accustomed to going to Granite Mountain Brewing. As we walked up the doors, we encountered: A) a crowd and B) loud bagpipe music.  We have no real aversion to bagpipe music, but we don’t like crowds and we don’t like anything loud. We peeked through the windows and decided we were definitely not going there.

Well what now?!?  We had our laptops, we were going to settle in for the afternoon for one of our work dates.  Thwarted, we hit the pavement and wandered somewhat aimlessly. We didn’t know the town well enough to have a backup place we liked.  We began wandering vaguely in the direction of another brewery we disliked but were willing to try again. And then we stumbled on Rickety Cricket Brewing!

Rickety Cricket was quiet, comfortable, had a good lineup, and had food!  A great place to settle in and do some work. We were so happy that, even having been thwarted, we were able to carry out our plans nonetheless.

When we travel, if we have a plan, we try to have a backup plan.  If we don’t have a backup plan, we can get thwarted and then get frustrated.  So we have learned to make backup plans and sometimes have backups to our backup plans.  This way, even if we’re thwarted, we still have a plan we can hang on to!

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