We are Susan and Erik, traveling the (mostly English-speaking) world in search and enjoyment of good beer, wine, cocktails, spirits, waterfalls, fireplaces, pubs, lighthouses, craggy coastlines, and cozy libraries.  We travel off the beaten path and forge our own most of the time, taking the leisurely approach to travel.  We try to post periodically on Mondays, as inspiration and adventures allow.Alcohol Tourism - Blue LakeAlcohol Tourism NW Tour Map

Erik gave a talk at the Athens League of Extraordinary Zymurgists (homebrew club) after Susan and Erik did an alcohol tour along the Northwest US coast.  During the introduction, he explained alcohol tourism and asked if any of the 20+ people in the room- all ardent homebrewers and lovers of all things fermented- had done a similar trip before.  No one raised their hand.  The idea of alcohol tourism was entirely novel to this (die-hard) group of homebrewers.  He decided this… this was a travesty.  The world needs to know about alcohol tourism, because it has become such a fabulous, positive part of the lives and relationship of Erik and Susan.


What Else We Do

Susan does yoga and research into nutraceuticals.  And teaches swing We also do karate, lots of itdancing.  And is a black belt in karate.  Erik does veterinary anesthesia and teaches vet students.  And teaches karate and swing dancing.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Rosemarie

    Thanks for liking my cloud photos and bringing me to your blog. You both have an interesting history and lives. I look forward to following your adventures.

    1. AlcoholTourism Post author

      Thank you! Your pictures are all so stunning! Every now and then we get one that turns out well, but it’s more luck than anything. Hopefully we will get more practice in shooting for the blog!

      1. Rosemarie

        Thank you. The photos are all mine except for the Dolomite photos, because I have never been there. I’m just currently doing research to prepare for my trip abroad.

    1. AlcoholTourism Post author

      Thank you! We are more ‘mountain’ than ‘beach’ people, and Susan is of Irish descent so quite sensitive to the sun. Hence, no plans to go near the equator any time soon. :) But we love experiencing drinks from all places, especially if we can produce ‘rum punch’ at home!

      1. 1life196countries

        I have posted the recipe here: http://wp.me/P2SkWH-pC

        You know, a good way to experience equatorial travel is visit a mountainous island during the winter months- very pleasurable. Stay on the Windward side where it is more cool and the higher the elevation the better.

        Good luck with that recipe – though you won’t get the punch without the 154 proof which isn’t exported, but it’s still great flavor wise!

        Let me know what you think after you try please?

    1. AlcoholTourism Post author

      Definitely! I have done GOR from west to east before, but next month we will be going from Melbourne to Adelaide, so it’s nice to know that going east to west is a good plan. :)

    1. AlcoholTourism Post author

      Awesome, thanks! Do the country people in Oz engage much in alcohol appreciation? I bet some of them homebrew. A lot of horse-riding country folk I know here in the US are big-time home brewers!

  2. paigeelizabethl

    I see some of your visits have been in the Midwest, and I love your beer travels, so I wanted to let you know of a recent interview I did. It is with The 16oz Society, a company that helps people support local beer, especially around the Midwest. They are making a special offer to WordPress-ers so I was just letting you know to spread the word if you’d like. Here is the interview: http://wp.me/p2tTkJ-nF Readers can get a special deal on their products. I just like the idea and want it to get more attention!


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